About IOGC

Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) is an organization committed to managing and regulating oil and gas resources on First Nation reserve lands. It is a special operating agency within Indigenous Services Canada (ISC).

IOGC is responsible for oil and gas on First Nation reserve lands across Canada, but only a handful of reserves exist north of the 60th parallel. Therefore, practically all of IOGC's work is south of the 60th parallel, with most of that in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

IOGC's general responsibilities are to:

  • identify and evaluate oil and gas resource potential on Indian reserve lands;
  • encourage companies to explore for, drill and produce these resources through leasing activity;
  • ensure equitable production, fair prices and proper collection of royalties on behalf of First Nations; and
  • secure compliance with and administer the regulatory framework in a fair manner.

IOGC operates pursuant to the Indian Oil and Gas Act, 2009, and its associated Indian Oil and Gas Regulations, 2019, as well as other relevant legislation and guidelines (see Acts and Regulations). Oil and gas activity on First Nation reserve lands depends on agreements involving First Nation band councils, oil and gas companies, and Indian Oil and Gas Canada.

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